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Basic Beauty Tips For Younger Youth

Saturday, February 4, 2012

1. Foundation Tips: Skin the heavy foundation and heavy powder – both age your skin. Instead opt for a sheer foundation with skin lotions and every time try to go with your skin color, rather than including color to your foundation. You should also know that using an under make up primer. It will sleek out your skin, ease lines and keep foundation and blush on longer.

2. Bronzer Tips: Add an immediate youthful glow with a peach toned bronzer in lotion or powder - but be sure to prevent any colors that are too darkish, plum or dirty looking, basically if you have brown spots or unequal skin tone. And never put bronzer all over your face. Instead, use it to highlight the areas where sun would hit normally – the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and forehead.

3. Blush Tips: Whether implementing a bronzer or impact, NEVER put it on the apples of your cheeks. Once you hit 40, the “apples” begin to slide south and you'll end up with impact better your mouth! That pulls the face down and creates you look older. Instead, apply it only to the top of your cheekbone, beginning just under the middle of your eye and sweeping upward your temple. This provides the eye upward, and can immediately take years off your face!

4. Lips Tips: Swap out lipstick for lip-gloss. Nothing is more growing older than lips with lines – and those directory ridges that hit the middle of your upper and lower lip occur with age. A matte or frosted lipstick will emphasize them – a gloss can cause them to become all but disappear! But skip the glistening, sparkle glosses and go for one with a light tint in a color close to your normal lip tone. If your lip area need more definition, add a pencil in a color that suits your lips.

5. Eye Tips: Good bye liquid Liner- Hello Smooth Eye Pencil – Nothing highlights crow’s feet and small collections like the severity of liquid lining. Even a micro thin line will look “hard” to make wrinkles more recognizable. Instead, try a pencil in a soft black, grilling, navy, darkish or plum – draw on and then smudge for a soft look. When choosing a shadow, stick to neutral colors – and use color occasionally.

6. Cover Up Tips: Avoid Light Color Cover-up – and same for those eye lotions with the lightening iridescence. Why? Once you are over 40, eye puffiness is a bigger problem than black circles –and that means anything light or gleaming makes the puffs look larger. This, in turn, increases the shadows in the “tear trough” indentation under the eye.

7. Brow Tips: Soften your eye brows – Before you plunk down a payment on a Botox treatments taken to rest your wrinkly brow, try modifying up the look of your eye brows first – you may be amazed to discover how much younger your brow actually looks! Skip the stick-skinny, gleaming brow –that only creates wrinkles look  more prominent. Instead, go for softer, slightly fuller look – and complete simple destinations with either a powder brow color or a soft pencil in the same color as your normal brows or one to two shades lighter.

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