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How To Apply Mascara In 5 Steps?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mascara is an important factor of eye makeup. It gives your eye an inviting look by highlighting them. If you create any faults while implementing mascara, you possibility to mess up your whole makeup and your look. So, we must take a look at how to prevent mistakes when implementing mascara.

1. Use an eyelash curler
The first mistake that most females make is to utilize mascara on straight eye lash. Before you utilize mascara, you should always use an eye lash roller. It raises up your eye lash a bit and starts up your face, making them look larger. It is important for females who have thin lashes which are not easily recognizable. So, curl up in your eye lash first, and only then switch on to implementing mascara.

2. Choose the right mascara
You should use the right mascara to get the impact you want. You may want to add amount to your eyelash, or you may want to make them more time. Different types of mascara and styling brushes suggest different outcomes that may go well with your option. So, take some discomfort to decide on the appropriate mascara that you would require. Also, get several different types and colours of mascara to use them on different events.

3. Be cautious about the direction
The route of mascara application can create a whole lot of change to your eye makeup and look. Utilize mascara on your lashes in the upward way, going from the root base and straight upward.

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